Contact Lenses

The Initial Examination

Every customer gets a comprehensive eye exam to get the most up to date prescription. We thoroughly exam the anterior eye and look for anything that may interfere with our contact lenses. We take a curvature measurement of the eyes, an internal look at the health of the eyes, and finally we will have a thorough discussion about the most suitable contact lens solution for your eyes and your needs. We will order trial lenses that will fit your individual needs based on the results of our tests.

Fitting Appointment

This involves one of our Optometrists guiding you thought putting the contact lenses onto your eyes, assessing the fit and vision while making any necessary adjustments. This is followed by an Optometrist guiding you on how to insert, remove and take care of your lenses. If this is successful then you can take the Contact Lenses home along with sample solution and eye drops for a trial.

Aftercare Appointment

After you have trialed the lenses, you can come back to our store and an Optometrist will assess the health of the eyes, fit of the lenses, the vision and comfort/ issues with the lenses. If everything is comfortable for you, then you can choose to order the contact lenses. If there is any problem with the contact lenses the Optometrist will make the necessary adjustments, even if that means trialling a different brand of contact lenses in order to achieve best results. We will always do the best by you. 

Closeup of contact lens daily cleaning routine concept

Conditions correctable with lenses

  • 1. Shortsightedness (blurred distance vision)
  • 2. Longsightedness (blurred near or strained vision)
  • 3. Astigmatism (visual distortion)
  • 4. Presbyopia (blurred near vision that occurs as we age)
Closeup of colored contact lens isolated

We make sure that our Contact Lenses:

  • 1. Correct any degree of focusing errors
  • 2. fit without causing any injury to the surface of the eye
  • 3. move on the surface of the eye
  • 4. allow the eyelids to comfortably move over the eye
  • 5. not provoke any reaction from the eye