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Contact Lenses Process

A complete eye examination is required to ensure the most up-to-date prescription and to rule out any pre-existing conditions that may interfere with contact lens wear. Your optometrist will evaluate the optimal contact lens for you based on your lifestyle needs as well as the shape and condition of your eyes. We teach all our patients how to properly care for their contact lenses and provide long-term support.

We provide a comprehensive range of contact lenses, including disposable soft contacts, multifocal, toric & coloured lenses. We also provide very specialised contact lenses such as Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lenses and Orthokeratology contact lenses. We have access to some of the worlds' leading brands in contact lenses. Ask us about our competitive prices.

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Conditions correctable with Contact Lenses

  • Shortsightedness (blurred distance vision)
  • Longsightedness (blurred near or strained vision)
  • Astigmatism (visual distortion)
  • Presbyopia (blurred near vision that occurs as we age)

Contact Lens Specialist Melbourne

Contact Lenses Process (How they work)

Contact lenses are made of soft, flexible materials, commonly called hydrogels, which allow oxygen to pass through them and into the eye. This helps keep eyes healthy by preventing them from drying out. Contact lenses work by bending light so that it’s brought to a focus on the retina, where vision receptors gather information and send it onto the brain. This bending phenomenon is called refraction because it can be demonstrated using a prism, which breaks white light into its component colours.  Contact lenses are tiny pieces of plastic or silicone that fit over your eyes to correct vision problems. They’re available in various materials and designs. For most people with refractive errors like myopia, farsightedness, and astigmatism, wearing contact lenses is an excellent alternative to glasses as they can be much more comfortable than glasses. If you are looking to book an appointment with a specialist contact lens optometrist in Melbourne, you are in the right place. We can offer an efficient, professional and friendly service that is hard to beat. Book your appointment today!

Accepted Health Funds

We accept all major health funds and offer additional discounts to private health fund members*. Ask in-store for more detail.

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Contact Lense Brands

We have a great selection of Contact lense providers which gives us the chance to find the best option for your eyes.

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