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Bulk Bill Optometrists Curlewis

Our team understands that most people don’t want to spend more money than they have to. That’s why we offer Bulk Bill Eye Tests in Curlewis. As long as you are able to provide a valid medicare card at your appointment then you are suitable for a bulk bill eye test today.   Blurry vision or difficulty reading text? That’s the last thing you want, but unfortunately, it is a reality for many people of all ages. You don’t need to suffer blurry vision for long. With the bulk bill eye test at Spectacle Hub, you can see your optometry specialist at a clinic near you and get a comprehensive eye health check-up and eye examination today. Get in contact with us today at (03) 5251 1661. 

Bulk Bill Eye Tests Curlewis

Contact Lens Specialist Curlewis

You don’t need to put your busy schedule on hold to pop in for a quick appointment with our contact lens optometrists in Curlewis. Spectacle Hub Curlewis Clinic is located in Woolworths Town Centre, Shop 2/90 Centennial Blvd. We are available for a range of hours to work around your busy schedule. With years of experience and uncompromising standards in eye care, we are ready to save you both time and money by providing the best contact lenses at affordable prices.

Dry Eye Treatment Curlewis

Chronic dry eye disease isn’t a condition you should ignore. It can be highly irritating and can also affect your vision and your everyday life. Visit our eye clinic and try out our advanced dry eye treatments. We want to help you quickly, effectively and comfortably to get rid of all your dry eye symptoms.

Foreign Body Removal Curlewis

In the case that you have an object stuck in your eye that won't come out, you should get help from a professional immediately. At Spectacle Hub Curlewis, you will be seen by a fully qualified specialist who can quickly diagnose and offer treatments to have you back on your feet again quickly. What’s the best way to remove a foreign body from your eye? The best way is to call our expert Optometrist for Foreign Body Removal Curlewis.

Prescription Glasses Curlewis

You’re about to discover a new way to choose your prescription glasses. Something customised for you can change to fit your style. Ask our consultants any questions and even try Before you Buy your frames! Having to wear glasses and being unable to find the ideal pair is frustrating. Not anymore, At Spectacle Hub Curlewis, you can get the perfect prescription glasses for your needs and style by booking an appointment or calling us today on (03) 5251 1661.

Myopia Treatment Curlewis

In the past, myopia treatment has been a long and drawn-out process. Patients visiting a myopia clinic have had to come in to have their eyes checked regularly and spend time filling out a lengthy questionnaire every time they visit. Spectacle Hub has made it so patients do not need to wait weeks to be able to get into an appointment. And instead, their next appointment can be scheduled around them. With our efficient booking system, patients can book an appointment anytime and anywhere online.

Orthokeratology Contact Lenses Curlewis

If you or your child have astigmatism, or hyperopia (farsightedness), you can get more comfortable vision using orthokeratology contact lenses. Since they correct your vision throughout the night while you're sleeping, there will be no need to wear glasses or contact lenses every day! This is a lot more convenient than traditional contact lenses or glasses and is much less invasive than any laser treatment.

Accepted Health Funds

We accept all major health funds and offer additional discounts to private health fund members*. Ask in-store for more detail.

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