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Dry Eye Clinic

Dryness affects over 50% of the population in Australia.

There are many causing factors including the environment, sleep patterns, hormonal factors, lid abnormalities, systemic health issues and many more.

There are a various range of treatment options available depending on the cause and severity of the condition.

We use state of the art technology to assess the cause and severity of the condition which helps us manage it as best as possible.

At Spectacle Hub, our experienced Optometrists will analyse the condition carefully and recommended a dry eye management plan with an aim to improve the symptoms and eliminate the condition.

Some of these treatment options include:
– Various specialised drops, gels, creams and prescription eye drops
– Specialised eye lid cleansing performed in-office as well as at home treatments
– Unique “Blephasteam” treatment which uses the power of gentle heat in order to open and clean the blocked glands around the eye lids which may be the cause of the condition
– We may require to perform a punctal plugging procedure which aims to reduce the rate in which the tears leave the eyes to enhance dry eyes symptoms
– There are some conditions which may be more severe and require referral to an ophthalmologist for surgical interventions. We can arrange this immediately.